We are a privately owned industrial group, based on solid family values, that has been operating internationally in the polyurethane industry for almost 50 years, offering state-of-the-art technology and innovative products for our own and our customers’ growth.

Our customers recognise our productive rigour and flexibility of action. They appreciate the human value of our conduct, the creativity of our solutions, our well-balanced decisions, the reliability of our actions.

We adopt responsible decision-making models, taking care of the sustainability of our choices.
We invest with future generations in mind, integrating the enhancement of people and our community into our strategies. Our purpose: to generate progress and value, to share.

Customer care, innovation and sustainability are key components of our DNA, true guidelines for the group companies in how they move, generate value and develop.

Mission & Vision

We provide customised, complete, flexible and innovative solutions to meet the isolation, insulation and production needs of objects and structures in the construction, refrigeration, automotive and furniture industries.

We aspire to become the benchmark of the polyurethane industry,
able to anticipate customers’ needs and increase efficiency, thanks to the symbiosis of the chemical, plant engineering, IT and finishing knowledge of the group companies.


The shareholding structure of Pozzi Industries Group consists of the Pozzi and Merino families.

The strategic direction and administration of the group is entrusted to the board of directors, whose members are:

Angelo Pozzi

President of the Board of Directors

Walter Pozzi

Member of the Board of Directors

Juan Antonio Merino

Member of the Board of Directors

Mindful of its continuity, in 2021 Pozzi Industries Group initiated the ‘Next Generation’ project to plan for the future transition and initiate the inclusion of future generations.

History and market presence

The story of Pozzi Industries Group is the story of the Pozzi family, an example of Italian entrepreneurship that has lasted for more than seventy years.

A story that combines the goal of growth with the social commitment of a company where those who offer work and those who provide it live in harmony, respecting the principles of seriousness, commitment and mutual respect.

Pozzi-Arosio, the first company in the group, was founded in the 1950s.

It is thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners, recently strengthened by the entry of the Merino family into the corporate structure, that the other companies in the group, with their own histories of excellence and solidity, have joined.

  • SAIP Equipment design and manufacture of polyurethane processing plants and machines
  • SAIP USA market presence in the US, Canada and Mexico
  • CE.DE.PA. research and development of new solutions for the production of insulation panels
  • DIP PRINT, customisation and industrial decoration of surfaces and objects
  • ENLIVE innovative industrial digitisation and automation solutions
  • INTERTRADING, trading and distribution of chemicals


True examples of excellences in their sector that, together, contribute to developing the “Made in Italy” image around the world for polyurethane applications and technologies.


A history that testifies to the group's financial solidity and a well-defined future, based on its guiding values: competence, belonging, responsibility and balance.ies.

Financial Strength

At Pozzi Industries, financial solidity is an imperative objective and assessing the impact of investment decisions on financial balances is a substantial element of its governance.

Being able to finance oneself with one’s own means and to implement multi-year investments with permanent capital is a precondition for reliability and continuity, as a guarantee for all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, the community.

At Pozzi Industries, we are proud to have a solid economic and financial performance, with very positive balance sheet and asset strength ratios, allowing us to make significant investments in R&D, which amounted to over 1 million Euros in the two-year period 2020-2021.

Commitment and professionalism

These are the two pillars that Pozzi Industries Group relies on to offer customers the best possible products and services.

Being mindful that it is people who make the difference, our rewarding system is centred on recognition of professionalism and promotion of commitment.

The aim is to have capable and committed employees who work with responsibility, reliability, loyalty
and high involvement. People who feel part of the organisation and who, by pursuing customer satisfaction, protect the interests of the group because they share its objectives.